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THE INSIDE SCOOP: Progress is one of the coolest things we do all year

Remember last week how I told you the Enterprise has a lot of upcoming new features and updates? Progress isn’t exactly new, but it is one of the things that is going to roll out in early 2021 that you might just want and need to get your hands on.

As you know, the newspaper publishes multiple special sections throughout the year, whether it’s Letters to Santa or Heritage or the like, including our beloved Progress section. 

Much like Heritage, the theme for our Progress section changes each and every year to reflect on the previous year and move us forward into a brand spanking new one. 

Progress is the biggest thing we do all year, a community yearbook if you will. 

It is the best special section in all of Kentucky as voted by the Kentucky Press Association. This section is about showcasing people, places, organizations and exciting developments in all of our communities.

This year, we are focusing on all of our essential workers and organizations who have stepped up to the plate against COVID-19. 

You guessed it! (Even if we did give you a little taste of it in our “Unsung Heroes” nominations on another page somewhere in today’s edition.)

Our teachers and educators, first responders, local businesses and so many more have had a tough year rethinking the way they perform their every day tasks safely and effectively. 

From going virtual in the classroom so kids can continue their education safely to providing hundreds of COVID-19 swabs on the frontline daily, essential workers come in all shapes and sizes. 

This is their year to shine, and this is our year to say thank you!

Although I don’t want to dive too deep into what content awaits you, just know this bad boy rolls out in late February, and it’ll be chalked full of all the things about the pandemic you might not have known about in Harlan County, USA. 

Sound like a plan? Progress will see ya soon!