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BAKER: The gentleman’s agreement and the pandemic

By William Baker Contributing columnist Recently I was reminded that on the last Thursday in June, people across the nation have been observing National Handshake ... Read more

VAUGHT: Kentucky’s non-conference football schedule is, well, pretty ‘blah’

By Jamie H. Vaught Contributing columnist When you look at UK’s non-conference football schedule for 2020 (if there is a pigskin season), it’s really nothing ... Read more

BAKER: Knee-deep in June 2020

By William Baker Contributing columnist Here we are at last, almost “knee-deep in June.”  I finally located the source for that quote: It was a ... Read more

Carrie Ray image

MACED: One way local governments can prepare for tax revenue declines

By Carrie Ray MACED Local governments across Eastern Kentucky have been facing budget shortfalls since 2012 as coal severance taxes have fallen. But now, they ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Make sure our Kentucky kids stay fed

To the Editor: The coronavirus has caused both a catastrophic health crisis and an economic one, pushing thousands of families into poverty and hunger here ... Read more

Judith Hensley image

HENSLEY: Appreciation of small things

By Judith Hensley Contributing columnist With the COVID-19 lockdown of our normal ways of life, I hope people will come through it as an improved ... Read more

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SARGENT: Is your hometown newspaper important to you?

Many of you may have read in our last weekend edition or heard from a friend or family member that The Harlan Enterprise has reduced ... Read more

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THE LOYALIST: Any day now this will all be over

By Clark Bailey The Loyalist Any day now this will all be over. I keep telling myself that anyway. Every single day I do. I’m ... Read more

Dr. Julie Daftari image

DAFTARI: Let’s keep the Telehealth conversation going

By Dr. Julie Daftari Chief Medical Officer, United Healthcare of Kentucky For Kentucky, one outcome of the COVID-19 crisis is the increasing and worthwhile dialogue ... Read more

Kent Ostrander image

OSTRANDER: Don’t overlook other ‘years of life’ lost

By Kent Ostrander Contributing columnist It’s been roughly seven weeks since the coronavirus entered Kentucky, causing citizens to wrestle with its grim realities. As of ... Read more

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