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Jeff Moreland

MORELAND: A worm in the Apple

By Jeff Moreland Regional Editor, Bluegrass News Media I’ll admit it – I’m hooked. Apple has me, and I basically can’t escape at this point. ... Read more

CROSS: McConnell’s good at politics but for whom?

By Al Cross Columnist In the only debate of their race, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Amy McGrath painted very different pictures of the incumbent, on ... Read more

WATTS: Women, the workforce and the pandemic

By Ashli Watts Kentucky Chamber, President and CEO As a female executive, I have had to answer the same question for many years: “How are ... Read more

Grading our political leaders’ response to the pandemic: Beshear’s jury is still out, local officials’ is even more so

By Al Cross Contributing columnist As we approach a crucial election, it’s time to think about the sort of leaders we want and need at ... Read more

BLEVINS: Side effects of the virus

By Vivian Blevins Contributing columnist As news reports indicate month after month the numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths, we are ready to scream, “Enough. ... Read more

America needs journalists – and America’s journalists need our support

By David Chavern President & CEO, News Media Alliance In a year of fighting a global pandemic, historic protests for racial equality, and the rapidly ... Read more

LETTER: Right-to-Work laws would be bad for state of Kentucky

Dear Editor: I was disappointed to see an opinion in the Harlan Enterprise praising Right-to-Work laws. These laws are meant to divide workers, and the ... Read more

BUSH: Congress can help communities invite new housing of all types by passing YIMBY Act

By Adrienne Bush Housing Coalition As Congress returns to Washington, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has an opportunity to advance sensible, meaningful legislation that acknowledges ... Read more

HENSLEY: Sports teams need to wake up

By Judith Hensley Contributing columnist In an ordinary year it is time for Friday night lights, college football and NFL games. The sound of cheering ... Read more

BLEVINS: Is the National Guard still important to our great nation? Yes!

By Vivian Blevins Contributing columnist There’s an uproar in our country concerning the roles of those  charged with safeguarding American lives and property. What groups ... Read more

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