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Harmon: It’s time to fix Kentucky’s unemployment system

Governor Beshear, thousands of Kentuckians are counting on you. It’s hard when you don’t have all the answers. I get it. We all face challenges ... Read more

Flood response proves there’s no place like home

Home always holds a special place in your heart, as do the people you grew up around and have known for most, and in some ... Read more

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: Regular screenings can save lives

Colorectal cancer screening – testing to look for cancer before symptoms start – can help save lives. Regular screening can find colorectal cancer early when ... Read more

Protect journalists and activists from vindictive lawsuits; then there are also public records

By Jim Waters It’s one thing for government agencies to deny open records requests from the press or public. It’s quite another for those entities ... Read more

LETTER: Harlan has one of the most dedicated public servants

Dear Editor: Recently, I retired as executive director of the Kentucky County Attorneys Association, a position I was privileged to hold for more than a ... Read more

President Biden stands up for coalfield communities

President Biden signed an executive order on Jan. 27 that will put “the full force of the federal government” behind a new commitment to a ... Read more

Kentucky legislators should not embrace pharmaceutical manufacturer “kickback” system

Big Pharma rang in 2021 by hiking prices on a whopping 800 drugs by an average of nearly 5 percent.  These additional costs far outpace ... Read more

$15 Minimum Wage — Point-Counterpoint

Point: A $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Is a Start By Dean Baker President Biden has proposed raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour ... Read more

DEAR ABBY: Assistant works their way up only to be sidelined by boss

DEAR ABBY: When my boss hired me as an assistant four years ago, she specifically told me my job was to do whatever the person ... Read more

Will Ky. legislature double down on video gambling?

By RICHARD NELSON Commonwealth Policy Center Last week, the Kentucky Supreme Court denied the Horse Racing industry’s appeal to allow historical horse racing, aka video ... Read more

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